free digital sample of our new book is here to download!

The wait is nearly over – our next marvellous cookbook, FAST AND FILLING, comes out on New Years Eve! If you want a sneaky peek at what we’re offering, you can download a FREE, exclusive preview with FIVE recipes from the book from Amazon, here. It won’t cost you a penny. All you need is the Kindle app on your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or whatever the hell you’re reading this on. I say that, I don’t doubt there’s more than a dozen of you trying to read this in that awful curly font on a knock-off carboot tablet that runs scorching hot from the moment you turn it on until it finally bursts into electric flame trying to load up your fourth bingo site of the day. We love you really.

We’re so bloody chuffed with it, the recipes are absolutely amazing. We reckon we really stepped it up for this second book, and if you liked the first one you will LOVE this one! More of the stuff you can’t wait to get into your belly, with all of ’em under 500 calories, AND quick and easy to prep, cook or both. We haven’t messed about with this one, it’s stunning. It’ll sit like a neon rainbow on your shelf. 100 recipes spread over 8 chapters (Bangin’ Breakfasts, Minute Meals, Low & Slow, One Pan, Fakeaways, Tighten the Belt, Veggie Delights and Sweets & Treats). Preorder yours now from Amazon (and don’t forget there’s a guarantee so if the price drops, you’ll only pay the lowest one). We sold out pretty quickly last time so preorder yours now to make sure you have one waiting for you to make a fresh start with all the rest of us on the 1st of Jan! All profits go towards finally getting Paul that dog I promised him after the last book.

Hope you all enjoy!