special announcement: the new book is £6 on Amazon!

Forgive the short intrusion (said that before so many times in my life) (sigh) but this is a pretty big deal! Amazon have our new cookbook for £6 delivered if you’re a Prime member, today and possibly tomorrow. It’s the cheapest it has ever been and I doubt very much it’ll come back down. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial and then cancel it in a couple of days if it isn’t for you. Either way: if you’ve been after our cookbook, this is the time to buy. 100 amazing recipes, all of our sass, some blistering nudes, it’s got everything. Alsatians, the lot. Click the massive picture below to order!

Now, if you already have the book, please do us a favour and spread the word! Stick it in your facebook groups, that sort of thing, and we’ll love you forever and ever!



2 thoughts on “special announcement: the new book is £6 on Amazon!

  1. I was a little sceptical, but like both chicken and rhubarb so gave it a go. It was surprisingly good (though I omitted the turmeric as I don’t like it). Will definitely make it again, perhaps cooking up a batch for the freezer. May also adjust the liquid slightly next time, as the rhubarb produces lots, or perhaps just leave the lid off the casserole for the last half hour of cooking.

    Absolutely love Goomba. What a little cutie. Can’t wait to hear updates on this bundle of gorgeousness.

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