Dinner Time – Black Friday deal – only £7.20 – and an update

Well, hello there. This is awkward, isn’t it? It’s been so long. I know I said I would keep in contact, but it’s been such a turbulent couple of months with Liz and Boris, plus there’s the whole pesky business with the pickled walnut currently rattling his cage over in Russia. Plus: I’ve had writer’s block for the longest time.

That’s not quite right actually: I haven’t had writer’s block, but blog-block. It’s a curious thing: I have been writing all sorts of various little projects and bits and pieces for the last couple of months, but each time I sit down to write a blog article, it just doesn’t flow. Whilst I am sure that’ll change in due course, and certainly I have an idea for next year which should spin out some content, but until then we won’t rush it. To be fair, I’ve been writing this blog off and on for nearly ten years, and sometimes it is good to take a break and forge a new direction for a bit.

But it’s not all doom, gloom and shoe-gazing – just a bit of good news, which I really should have pushed out yesterday – our newest cookbook DINNER TIME has been reduced on Amazon to the cheapest it has ever been – a nice £7.20 for today only. You can click here for it, or search online. On top of that, if you’re struggling to justify £7.20 for a cookbook, then I must point you towards FAST & FILLING, our middle child, which is currently only 99p on Kindle for the month of November. Click here for that little treat. It is worth noting that you don’t need a Kindle to own this, just download the app. It’s a very cost-conscious way of owning another 100 recipes, for sure.

Hope you’re all keeping well,




2 thoughts on “Dinner Time – Black Friday deal – only £7.20 – and an update

  1. Hi you two!
    Thanks for the email heads up, I have just purchased your book on Amazon – though…….the link didn’t take me straight there, it took me to something else, but I persevered and clicked again and Bam – I got to your book!
    Stay special,

  2. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you both, I’ve been working my way through your cookbook, Dinner Time.
    Keep up the good work, thank you for cheering me up, and oh boy have I needed cheering up,

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