being a lush on slimming world – permitted!

Only a quick post tonight as Paul and I are having a lazy day – shepherds pie for supper and all day breakfast spaghetti for lunch. It’s been a bloody awful busy week so we’re kicking back with Doctor Who and enjoying ourselves.

I don’t drink as a matter of course, since I somewhat overdid it in college, but I spotted this on offer in Sainsbury’s (£20) and had to have it. We collect Absolut vodkas and have a tonne of unopened vodkas in our man-shed but we had to open this.


Vodka weighs in at 4 syns per 35ml shot, so a double is a healthy 8 syns. Mixed with decent lemonade, that’s not a terrible way to spend an evening.

The rules around alcohol on SW are easy enough:

  • stay away from owt creamy or mixed – firstly, you shouldn’t be drinking Bacardi Breezers et all unless you’re 11, but they’re full of sugar – and Baileys etc is just cream and sugar and alcohol. That’s a no-no Nanette.
  • wine – a large glass of dry white or a decent red is 6 syns. For the record, a large glass is 175ml, not one of these:10355726_10152777656267853_4633724230039653353_n
  • bottled beer kicks in at around 9 syns per bottle, and for the most part tastes like rats piss stewed in a sock, so stay away.

No, really the only thing to take away from this post is to keep it clear and mix with diet mixers. Then you’ll be reet / turn yellow.