housekeeping: all the stuff we think you should know

Now, saying as we can’t post recipes due to being unable to cook, I thought this would be a good opportunity to do some house-keeping! If you’re new to the blog, you might not know some of the things we have hidden away!


FOR ONE WEEK ONLY: Some good news to make up for the inconvenience of the lack of recipes (but if we can’t cook, you can’t eat!). You may know or not that we have an excellent deal with Musclefood – our freezer filler deal. It’s a delivered chilled box of wonder – with 24/26 big fat chicken breasts, 800g of extra lean beef chunks, 2kg of extra lean beef mince and lots and lots of bacon. It’s usually £50 – which is cheap when compared to what you’d pay in the shop – but we’ve knocked off 10% for ONE WEEK ONLY. This brings it down to £45 – the cheapest it has ever been. Remember you can choose the date of delivery and payment doesn’t come out until your chosen date, so you can order in advance. To order, just click this link, add to basket, add the code TCCFREEZER and choose standard delivery – £45! Easy! But this is for ONE WEEK ONLY.

We also have a smaller deal with added steak and sausages right here!


ALL of our recipes can be found in one place, separated into handy categories with all the syn values clearly indicated. If you’ve got an ingredient, just visit the page and have a look – I bet we’ve done a recipe for it. The page with all the recipes on can be found right here!

Slimming World FAQ

Back when we first started the blog we knocked out what I still believe is one of our best articles – a guide to all those Slimming World questions that you might have floating about. It’s funny and still gets lovely comments – if you haven’t read it, give it a go by clicking here. I promise it’ll make you laugh.


We get asked a lot if we could release a cookbook – and sadly, the answer is no. Fair enough, Slimming World won’t allow third party to publish in their name and I don’t want Mags turning up in a mist of Richmond Blue and Burberry Brit to cut the brakes on the CubMobile. That’s why we make all of our recipes free on here!

However, we DO have two e-books out – one is a massive collection of all our (hopefully funny) articles from Year One of the blog and can be found here and the other is a month long recount of our honeymoon in Orlando which you can buy from here. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t fret – most smartphones and tablets can download the free Kindle app and you’ll be on your way. If you’ve read us, please leave a review!

Social media

We have a few social media links:

  • our Facebook group – now listen, don’t join this if you’re going to be one of those mouth-breathers who hold up blurry shouts of Benefit bars and say ‘SINSPLS’ – we’re not that type of group. We welcome coarse folk with a sense of humour. The professionally offended can keep out! Slimming is much easier when you can chuckle your way through it. We do NOT bother with drama though!
  • our Facebook page – we aim to post an old recipe and a new recipe a day – that’s all we will ever put out, we don’t spam your wall – over 71,000 followers on there!
  • our Twitter feed – I’m not very good at putting pictures on here, but whenever we post a new recipe on the blog I’ll do a link on the Twitter feed, so it’s a nice way to get regular updates!

Of course, you can subscribe to the blog to make sure you never miss a post – more details on that by clicking here.

Overnight oats

For reasons beyond me, we put all of our overnight oats recipes in one place – handy for you! You’ll find them here.

More about us

This page is next on the list to be updated, but if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the profane monsters behind the posts, you can find a few scant details right here – this was the first page we ever did. Aww. We weren’t jaundiced back then…

The boring legal bit

It’s important to stress:

  • we are not Slimming World consultants and whilst we do our best (via Slimming World’s online site) to check syns, ultimate responsibility is always up to you to double check if you’re not sure – but we’ve been doing this for years, we know the crack
  • we don’t mind people sharing our recipes in groups – that’s great – but please don’t be a cock about it – leave our credit/copyright on the photo and recipe because a lot of work goes into what we do
  • we swear a lot and we won’t be changing that – god knows why but we still get messages from folk telling us how to write our blog. Here’s the thing – the writing is why we do this, the tasty dinners are just a side of that, so we’ll change for no-one.


One thing left to say – a massive, massive thank you to you lot. I know we’re crap at approving comments but we read each one (and eventually approve them when we have time!) and are always touched by the wonderful, kind words that you take the time to leave. We have met some brilliant personalities through this blog and we still adore doing it – when we started out, we thought we’d give up after a few recipes, but here we are 300 posts later! Please let us know if we can do anything to help you further or what you think about our stuff.

Final thing, promise: please share and tell everyone you know about the site! If someone needs cheering up, send them here. If they’re fat and you’re worried about your furniture every time they visit, get them cooking our stuff. They’ll love it!

Thanks guys!

J (and Paul!)